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Designed to fit you perfectly

The Planmeca ProModel™ patient specific implants are designed to fit your anatomy perfectly. Standard implants come in standard sizes - they might almost fit your anatomy, but not quite. If you’re about to have reconstructive surgery, you will want to make sure that any foreign object inserted into your body is a perfect fit. At Planmeca, we understand that every human being has a unique anatomy - and that’s why our individual implants are designed to match each and every individual.

Patient specific implants
– benefits

• Improved aesthetic results
• A faster operation - reduced deep infection risk
• A faster recovery and a shorter sick leave
• Less postoperative pain and swelling

Jaw implant

Standard implants
– possible disadvantages

• Pain and discomfort
• Hernia
• Functional handicap
• Longer hospital stay
• Asymmetry of the reconstruction

Tooth ache