Virtual surgical planning

Virtual surgical planning

Well begun is half done

Using virtual surgery to simulate procedures is an increasingly important part of surgery today. When the operation is well thought out before entering the OR, the patient outcome is more predictable, the operation time is reduced, and the recovery time is shortened. We act in close cooperation with hospitals and surgeons in developing and improving the field. For example, our collaboration with the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa in Finland spans nearly a decade. The first and second facial tissue transplant procedures in the Nordic countries are prime examples of the benefits of this relationship.

Virtual surgery

Smooth communication between designer and operating surgeon

Prior to the operation, our highly experienced team of designers meets the operating surgeon in a 30-minute online session, during which the surgery is virtually planned and a patient-specific implant is designed. During the design phase, we take into account the surgeon’s wishes and the individual characteristics of the case, and use the patient’s 3D data to create a custom-made implant that fits the patient’s anatomy perfectly.

Smooth communication

Benefits of virtual surgical planning

• Predictable outcomes and improved accuracy
• Reduced operation times by up to 3.5 hours
• A perfectly fitting implant
• Cost-efficiency:
- Shorter recovery times, less time spent in the hospital
- Less time in the operating room, reduced staff costs
- More operations per day

Benefits of virtual planning