Planmeca Promodel Surgeons

Benefits of patient specific surgery planning

  • Predictable outcomes

  • Faster operations

  • A perfectly fitting implant

  • Cost-efficiency:

    • Shorter recovery times, less time spent in the hospital

    • Less time in the operating room, reduced staff costs

    • More operations per day

Benefits of patien specific surgery planning

Adj. Professor Patricia Stoor

“I have been working with Planmeca on a regular basis to improve patient care in facial deformity cases and orthognathic surgery. The benefits lie in predictable outcomes and high accuracy, which can only be achieved through professional CAD/CAM technology.”

Adj. Professor Patricia Stoor
Department of OMFS
Helsinki University Hospital, Finland

Patricia Stoor

Professor Risto Kontio

“I have worked with the Planmeca ProModel™ team several times over the years and have achieved results that could not have been reached without their professional products and expertise.”

Prof Risto Kontio
Chair of Department of OMFS
Helsinki University Hospital, Finland

Risto Kontio